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Ludwig von Beethoven "Trio in Eb Major"
Felix Mendelssohn "Concertpiece in f minor"
Felix Mendelssohn "Concertpiece in d minor"
Mikhail Glinka "Trio Pathetique" in d minor
Francis Poulenc "Trio" (originally for oboe, bassoon, and piano)
Poulenc "Sonata" for clarinet and bassoon
Nina Rota "Trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano" 
Andre Previn "Trio" (originally for oboe, bassoon, and piano)
Alec Wilder "Suite"
Alec Wilder "While We're Young" (arr. Bill Cunliffe)
George Gershwin "Preludes" (arr. Phoebe Ray)
Duke Ellington Suite “The River” (arr. Phoebe Ray)
Bill Cunliffe, “Epilogue”
Bill Cunliffe, "Nostalgia in Corcovado"
Samuel Barber, “Excursions” for solo piano
Bernstein "Sonata for Clarinet"
Stefania Tallini "A Veva" and "Choro Pra Mim"
David Anthony Jones "Las Animas" and "Cascade Falls" (from impressions of Colorado mountains)
Gernot Wolfgang "Three Short Stories" for clarinet and bassoon 


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